Piano Lessons

Learn a variety of different piano styles and skills

We have a variety of styles and opportunities for our piano students. Learn about some of those options here – and ask us how we balance student goals and teacher recommendations in lessons!

Reading Piano Notes and Classical Training

  • We use progressive levels of piano lesson books for growth and song variety
  • We also use theory and performance technique books
  • Supplemental music is given in each student’s style of choice

Chord Style Playing

  • This style teaches students to read and understand chord charts dictating piano chords
  • Students work on improvisation, and soloing techniques
  • This style of playing is also an opportunity to play in our studio band or in conjunction with mixed lessons
Recital at StudioK Music
Piano Lessons at StudioK Music

Jazz Improvisation

  • Students work on applying blues patterns and licks
  • Students learn a variety of two handed rhythmic techniques
  • This style also focuses on harmony analysis and application and how to apply this theory into playing
  • Improvisation and ear training techniques are another focus of this style to help students create melodies over their jazz harmonies

Popular Songs and Song Writing

  • Hands on recording and performing techniques
  • Professional video preparation and recording in our Loveland studio performance nook
  • Preparing students for auditions and competitions like Stars of Tomorrow or The Voice

Contact us or call at 970-541-1253 to set up an initial free meeting with your potential piano teacher at our Loveland music studio.

Nathaniel Marshal is StudioK Music’s piano teacher. He feels at ease improving students’ understanding and abilities with any instruments of their choice. Nathaniel is contracted at our Loveland studio and has been rehired year after year. Therefore, you can be assured that we love having him as our piano teacher because we keep wanting him back! To learn more about his background and teaching visit Nathaniel’s profile page.

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